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Earthgamesuk4 years ago
Ru and I were amazed to find that dung beetles aren't just black! Dung beetles can be really colourful...

...which is perfect for our dung beetle playing pieces because each player can choose which colour they would like to be!

We decided to paint our dry clay playing piece lots of different colours using acrylic paint.

#board #clay #dungbeetle #game #ideas #insects #making #painting
Earthgamesuk4 years ago
This is a really simple way to make a playing piece based on a dung beetle.

We used a small ball of clay which we flattened a little. Then we used a sharp twig (a blunt knife would do) to draw in details. We drew the outlines of wings, legs and head.

#board #clay #counter #game #making #pieces #playing #scarab
Earthgamesuk4 years ago
Over the next few posts Ru and I will think a bit more about each insect in turn and brainstorm some game strategies based on the insect and its behaviour!

Today we'll look at the Hoverfly...

When working out your game strategy, a lot will depend on which insect you choose and which part of their life-cycle or behaviour you focus on.

#board #game #hoverfly #ideas #insect #strategy
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