When is the deadline?

The deadline for the competition is the 10th of July. You can join at anytime up to this date

Can I do the competition as a team?

Yes, as long as you are all between the ages 8-11

How can I learn scratch?

Here at earthgames, we are providing you video lessons on how to use scratch every Friday at 10.00. Have a look at the Learn section of the website.

How are the games judged?

The project is going to be judged on these categories: Game design, artwork, creativity, best game, best ecology, best code. Judging and prize information can be found here: https://earthgames.uk/prizes/.

How do I submit my game?

When you complete your game it must be emailed to myscratchgame@earthgames.uk. If you want to enter the game design section you must write your ideas on this slideshow. Remember to include the following in your game:

– Rules
– A way to win
– A way to lose

How do I use the Sprites

We have redesigned the sprite library now so that you can directly download animated sprites. There is a video HERE which explains the process.

So simply go to :https://earthgames.uk/image-library/

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