Board game experiments

So, you have an idea of what sort of game you’d like to make. It’s time to start making! Create simple rough versions of your game so you can start playing!

You could start by sketching out your board game on a big piece of paper…

What is the story or strategy for your game? Are the hoverflies pollinating flowers? Or Mayflies feeding the fish?

Think about how big the spaces need to be to take your counters or playing pieces.

Think about the direction your counters could travel in and whether your board is going to be flat (2D) or have layers and levels (3D).

How many players could there be?

Make it colourful and as complicated as you like!

After we tried playing using our first board, we decided to make some changes.

Here are some photos of Ru and my second version of our board game base based on dung beetles collecting pieces of dung to make a ball.

We found a die from another board game, used our dung beetle playing piece and made a couple more from stones we found in the garden. Watch out for our next post with photos of us trying to play the game!

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