Brainstorming for a hoverfly game

Brainstorming is a brilliant way to work out what sort of game you would like to create.

Getting all of your ideas down on a big sheet of paper can really help to get your thoughts flowing. It can also help you imagine what the game may look like.

ps this is a hoverfly larvae (or young)!

Here are some images of Ru and my brainstorming for a hoverfly board game. We got a big sheet of paper and wrote down some of the hoverfly behaviour that interested us. Then we thought of ways these could be made into a game.

We drew and jotted down all of our thoughts and ideas, even the silly ones or the ones we knew wouldn’t work.

Then we drew out two of our best ideas to see what they would look like bigger. This gave us more space to work out strategies and extras like cards and tokens. Our first idea was bright and simple with a flower-shaped board, based on the idea that hoverflies are disguised as wasps or bees to deter predators:

Our second idea was more painterly and more complicated with 2 levels, different tokens to collect and risk cards. We wanted to try out a 3D multi-level board game and thought that hoverfly larvae climbing up a plant stem would suit this idea.

These rough-ups were made really quickly so that we could see what might or might not work. We will use them to try playing the games on! But we haven’t spent so much time on them that we feel worried about changing them, drawing on them or cutting them up!

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