Developing your playing board

So you’ve got a great board game idea and now you’d like to make it more complicated or make it look more finished?

You can follow the development of Ru and my dung beetle board game as we take it from first ideas, through playing it and working out what works (and what doesn’t!), to making this; our lovely board game base.

Our first ideas were to create a dung beetle board game with part of the board above ground and part below ground.

We took a photograph of a fallen tree with lots of roots showing in our local park and were lucky to be able to print it really big like a poster (but it would work just as well using lots of smaller pages stuck together to make one big image).

You can see how we started by drawing out some tunnels on white paper (some with little creatures in!) and some stones, worms and roots. We stuck these on the big printed picture and then cut out some wiggly paper tunnels to make the route the players would take around the board.

We were inspired by images and drawings of underground tunnels that were drawn by other people,

like these…

Once we had the tunnels glued on, we glued on some paper rectangles near the top to put question or quiz cards on…

… and a paper ‘blob of dung’ at the top left that could hold the dung segments we made out of clay!

We will show you how this board looks when we’ve finished drawing and writing on it!

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