Drawing a cartoon insect

Drawing a simple version of your chosen insect for a board game counter might seen complicated, but it doesn’t have to be!

You can follow these simple steps to draw a cartoon dung beetle and maybe use the same steps to draw other insects too!

You could start off by using a picture of your insect from a book or one of our pictures here

Look at basic shapes your insect is made up of. Is the body long or round? Is the body made up of lots of segments? Are the legs long or short?

You could then start to draw your simple, cartoon version. Don’t worry about making it look just like the insect, now you can add a bit of imagination and character!

We thought our beetle’s face looked a bit strange so we rubbed it out and started again. It took a few goes to get a friendly face but after we had made the eyes a bit bigger our dung beetle looked like a very cheerful character ready to roll some dung around our board game!

You could draw your cartoon insect out a few times, cut them out and stick them onto card to make simple counters of playing pieces for your board game. Or watch out for more blog posts filled with more ideas and inspiration on how to make wacky playing pieces!

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