Exciting board game additions!

Perhaps you have the basic ideas for your board game and want to make it a bit more exciting!

How about making moving parts like a catapult or moving playing pieces using magents?

Ru and i made a very simple mayfly game using a lego catapult to fling mayflies into a fishes mouth!

Check out making a marshmallow catapult here

Do you have a few magnets lying around at home?

You could design a board game where you have to use a magnet to move your playing pieces around a thin card board. This could be quite tricky and you might need to practice a bit.

The video below shows how you could design a board on thin cardboard and move a card playing piece around from place to place on the board.

You can take a look at the board games with moving parts here.

Moving parts in a board game add a twist and mean you can learn a new skill rather than just rely on the luck of throwing a dice!

There are loads of great ideas including the game mousetrap that has so many moving 3D parts!

And finally, here’s something really funny and inspiring; making origami birds dance using magnets! Although we’re not sure how you could use this in a board game!

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