Finishing off a board game design

If you have made your board game, designed all the extras (like cards and playing pieces) that you want, then now is the time to try it out!

If you’ve been following Ru and my dung beetle game then you’ll be familiar with the board design. Ru put the finishing touches to it this week by colouring in the board and laying out the risk and question cards. We made these cards from old playing cards with white stickers over the top.

Some of the game strategies we chose for this game:

*Collect the dung sections from the big dung pile, to make a full dung ball on your coloured circle

*Move around the board using the dice

*If you land on a green star you pick a challenge (question) card. if you answer the question correctly you can take another section of dung or move on two squares.

*If you land on a red dot you pick a risk card. Follow the instructions on the card (it could be good thing (like move forward two squares) or could be a bad thing (like give another player one dung section)!).

*If you have a full dung ball (8 sections of dung collected and placed on your coloured circle) you can progress onwards and race to the end!

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