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The three insects that you can base your board game on are the dung beetle, the mayfly and the hoverfly.

You can find out lots about these insects here

Once you’ve found out lots of amazing things about your chosen insect, how can you design a board game around those facts?

Let’s think about the hoverfly. With its yellow and black stripes, the hoverfly looks quite a lot like a wasp or bee, which is clever because this means predators that would normally eat a fly might think it has a nasty sting and leave it alone.

Its disguise helps it survive!

Could your board game be based around the idea of your hoverfly being disguised?

What about the mayfly?

A water-loving insect with a very short life-span, it seems to often end up as fish food! However the mayfly young, or nymphs, live for much longer – up to two years.

Lots of mayflies show that the water quality is very good and that there is little pollution.

Could you base your board game around the idea of a race to find a mate and lay eggs, against a timer? Or a game where you must improve the quality of the water in your lake until you have a swarm of mayflies flitting happily around?

And finally the dung beetle! A busy little character that just loves poo!

They clear up piles of dung, eating it, living in it or hurrying it away to their tunnels to feed their young.

By burying the dung the beetles help to improve the soil quality, making fungi and plants grow more strongly.

Could your game be based around the idea of collecting as much dung as you can and scoring points as to how many flowers bloom in the rich soil?

We hope this has given you some ideas and inspiration!

P.S. With all games it’s always fun to have an element of chance as well as some skill needed! Surprises like predators or obstacles in your insect’s path add excitement and risk. We’ll explore some of these ideas with you soon!

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