Welcome to the great bug competition of 2020. It is here to provide relief and fun education during this stressful time. It is has been created by the charities Makingpi and Buglife

Starts 8th May ends 31st July and prizes awarded by the end of Aug

The idea is to discover the wonderful world of insects through the creation of games.  We have two types of games you can create.

  • Board games 6 to 11 year old
  • Scratch games 8 to 11 year old

As insects are such a huge topic, we have narrowed the area down to three types of insect services:

  • Hoverflies the hidden pollinators
  • Dung beetles the poo eaters
  • Mayflies eaten by fish yum

To help with getting to know these important insects we have provided a complete learning resource pack in the insects section which is supplied by our partners Buglife.

There are brilliant prizes for all the categories ranging from trail cams, digital cameras, ants nests and amazon vouchers

The project is brought to you by:

Education Services 2010

Wild Hogs Hedgehog Rescue Centre

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