E – Safety

Childrens’ Safety First

Summary of policies

1. Lessons – webinars and resources

  • Webinars and any streamed lesson will be provided by staff with DBS clearance, or under the supervision of DBS cleared staff and have had training in e-safety.
  • No visual or audio contact will be made with the students.
  • Chat feedback from students will be allowed but will be moderated to check for appropriate content.
  • Presenters and moderators will wear appropriate dress and ensure that all backdrops are appropriate (cause no offence).

2. Forums

  • Where forums are used to provide helpful tips they will be carefully moderated and all offensive material removed.
  • Clear guidance on the forums will be provided.

3. Conduct of others

  • The behaviour of participants in stream chat and forums will be monitored and checked for bullying behaviour, inappropriate contact and language.
  • If you feel you are being bullied tell: the safeguarding officer of earthgames.uk – keepsafe@earthgames.uk 
  • If there are breaches of this then a two strike policy will be carried out where the students are first warned and then banned.

4. Personal information

  • Registering for competitions must be completed by a parent who gives us permission to store the age, name and parents email address.
  • Ask an expert contacts can be made by students using their own emails, but we will not store any information.


6. Raising Concerns

Any concerns should be emailed to the safeguarding officer of earthgames.uk – keepsafe@earthgames.uk

approved 15/4/2020 review 15/4/2021

We would like to acknowledge the present and past partners who are making this happen:

Education Services 2010

Wild Hogs Hedgehog Rescue Centre

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