E – Safety

Childrens’ Safety First

Summary of policies

1. Lessons – webinars and resources

  • Webinars and any streamed lesson will be provided by staff with DBS clearance, or under the supervision of DBS cleared staff and have had training in e-safety.
  • No visual or audio contact will be made with the students.
  • Chat feedback from students will be allowed but will be moderated to check for appropriate content.
  • Presenters and moderators will wear appropriate dress and ensure that all backdrops are appropriate (cause no offence).

2. Forums

  • Where forums are used to provide helpful tips they will be carefully moderated and all offensive material removed.
  • Clear guidance on the forums will be provided.

3. Conduct of others

  • The behaviour of participants in stream chat and forums will be monitored and checked for bullying behaviour, inappropriate contact and language.
  • If you feel you are being bullied tell: the safeguarding officer of earthgames.uk – keepsafe@earthgames.uk 
  • If there are breaches of this then a two strike policy will be carried out where the students are first warned and then banned.

4. Personal information

  • Registering for competitions must be completed by a parent who gives us permission to store the age, name and parents email address.
  • Ask an expert contacts can be made by students using their own emails, but we will not store any information.


  • All activities on the internet carried out by earthgames.uk will be compliant with GDPR regulations.
  • Cookie based storages will require approval.
  • All data will only be kept with the recorded permission of the person providing it and for the express use identified.
  • Data will be kept for the purpose of sending out newsletters or sending out prizes.
  • Data will be kept for no longer than 3 years unless people re-subscribe.
  • All data will be kept secure, password, protected and encrypt.
  • Personal data will at no time be shared beyond earthgames.uk.
  • Personal data breach register will be kept on a declared register contact info@earthgames.uk.
  • No hard copies of personal data will be kept.
  • Data will not be transferred outside the EEA.
  • For more details see privacy policy

6. Raising Concerns

Any concerns should be emailed to the safeguarding officer of earthgames.uk – keepsafe@earthgames.uk

approved 15/4/2020 review 15/4/2021

We would like to acknowledge the present and past partners who are making this happen:

Education Services 2010

Wild Hogs Hedgehog Rescue Centre

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