Key Facts – Marmalade Hoverfly

EggsLarval StageAdult
Life span1 week2 weeks6 weeks
PredatorsAntsAnts, spiders (hunting), waspsBirds, dragonflies, spiders
HabitatsFleshy stemsFleshy plants with aphids on themEverywhere but especially area rich in pollen and nectar such as cow parsley and ragwort
Way to helpNo insecticides
No insecticide use, tolerate some aphids
Plant a good array of pollen and nectar rich flowers that have as long a flowering season as possible especially yellow ones
Friendsn/an/aYellow flowers
ServicesThe marmalade hoverfly gets its name from its orange colour, and the different sized black bands across its body: ‘thin cut’, ‘thick cut’, just like marmaladeEats around 25 aphids per dayA pollinator that can be found all year round

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