How to create a board game


The first step in joining the competition is to register so that we can send you updates and of course award you the winning prize.

Step 1 Research

To begin you could make a list of the games you really enjoy. How they are played? what are the rules? and how do you win? Then research into one of the insect groups and build up a story about how the insects live ( you could draw it out on a big piece of paper)

Complex board games

Step 2 Brain Storm

This is when you get your wacky ideas out on a large piece of paper. Think out of the box, draw colourfully, think about what you find fun. This step is best done with at least 2 people.

Step 3 Choose your Best Idea

This is often the hardest part if you have a lot of ideas. Think about what you would like to make and what you can make in a sensible amount of time.

Step 4 Build a Rough Up

Sometimes game ideas do not work…it happens. So what we recommend is that you quickly draw out your game and use something simple as characters like sweets. Then play with it with your parents or brother and sister. They will give you lots of ideas on how to improve it.

Build a rough up

Step 5 Improve the Game

  • Decide on the age group for your game
  • Rules
  • Design of the board
  • Design of the characters
  • How they win

Submitting your game

Follow the submission instructions described in the competition page

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